What is the Student Union Council?

The council works as StuFFs parliament and is the highest decision making body in StuFF. The council has 25 students who decide the direction of StuFFs operations. The council establishes the budget, the operational plan and the action plan every year. Read more here!

What is the Student Union election?

The Student Union election is when StuFFs members can choose who or what association will represent you in StuFFs council. 

When is the Union election?

The election period for 2020 is between May the 6th and May 15th.

Why is voting important?

By voting in the election you have the chance to influence how StuFF will work toward Linköpings University. You can vote for the individual or group whose values are the closest to yours, and thereby you increase the chances of StuFF focusing on matters that are important to you.

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How do you vote?

1. Click on the button that says Vote

2. On the new page you sign in using your LiU-id by clicking on Vote in the upper left corner

3. Once signed in, you can see all the associations and people you can vote for. You vote by clicking the persons name in the list of the association you want to vote on, and then press the button under the list that reads Give vote