Health, Support & Equality

Do you feel like you've been wrongly treated by the university? Has your exam not been assessed on time or are you being harassed by a teacher? Do not hesitate to contact us, no matter what! We are here for you!

Student Representative

The Student Union has three so-called Student Representatives who are experts in helping you if you are having problems. They are well-read about everything about the university, your education and knowing the key people at the university. Everyone also has confidentiality and will not share what you say without your permission.

Student Health Care Center (Studenthälsan)

At LiU, there is a Student Health Care Center (Studenthälsan in Swedish), where you can turn to if you are feeling unwell. The Student Health Care Center offers, among other things, counseling / counseling with curators, physiotherapists, doctoral nurses, conversational coach and dyslexia teacher. You do not have to be a member of StuFF to help students or student health.

Equal Opportunities

In addition to the Student Health Care Center, the Student Union work together with Equal Opportunities (Lika Villkor in Swedish). Equal Opportunities are an initiative of LiU that aims at promoting gender equality, gender, ethnic and religious diversity, accessibility and participation for people with disabilities, sexual equality and equal treatment regardless of age or gender identity / expression. The work also applies to other offensive treatment, for example, because of social background.

Student Representatives

Natalia Tomczyk
Natalia TomczykStudent representative - Work environment & equal
StuFFs Student representative for work environment & equal terms is the central work environment representative and works together with the sections work environment representatives. If you have any questions regarding physical, social or organizational work environment, this is where you should contact.
Policarpio Bernerstedt
Policarpio BernerstedtStudent representative - Educational affairs, Faculty of Arts &
If you study at the Faculty of Arts and sciences and have questions to the student union regarding your education or the quality of your education you can contact the student representative for educational affairs - Faculty of Arts and sciences. You can also contact here if you are a master's student and have any questions regarding your education.
Deborah Taujtmann
Deborah TaujtmannStudent representative, Educational affairs - Educational
If you study in the field of educational sciences and have questions to the student union regarding your education or the quality of your education you can contact the Student representative for educational affairs - educational sciences . You should also contact here if you are a doctoral student with questions.

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