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Do you and your peers feel that the air quality in the lecture halls are bad? Are the lamps not wokring in the group rooms? Are the chairs uncomfortable? Is it difficult to travel between home and the campus? StuFF sees to that these issues are dealt with!

What is the Work Environment?

In this case, the work environment is about the conditions on our campuses. For everyone to enjoy the university, the work environment needs to be good. When talking about the work environment, one usually distinguishes between the physical and the psychosocial work environment.

The Physical Work Environment

Examples of problems with the physical work environment may be noise, poor ventilation or poor lightning, or hazardous routes to and from the university. With regard to the physical work environment, the Student Union strives for i.e. more microwave ovens, more study places and keeping the lecture halls well-maintained. For example, we provide study places through our Union houses [HG], Kollektivet and Trappan.

The Psychosocial Work Environment

The psychosocial work environment is about what creates risks to mental health. This concerns, for example, the mental well-being and leadership. Examples of problems with the psychosocial work environment may be time pressure, an excessive workload or unclear tasks. Regarding the psychosocial work environment the student union's work is primarily preventative, in order to make as many people as possible able to enjoy their studies at Linköping University.

If you suffer from mental health issues, The Student Health Care Center(Studenthälsan) is supportive and offers counseling / counseling with curators, physiotherapists, doctoral nurses, conversational coach and dyslexia teacher.

Work Environment Representative - Your Safety Officer!

At each section, there is a work environment representative (AMO) who is your safety officer. The Work Environment Representative works with the Student Union and the University to solve any work environment problems. Do not hesitate to contact your work environment representative if you would like to have opinions about your work environment as it may take to the university.

Natalia Tomczyk
Natalia TomczykStudent representative - Work environment & equal
StuFFs Student representative for work environment & equal terms is the central work environment representative and works together with the sections work environment representatives. If you have any questions regarding physical, social or organizational work environment, this is where you should contact.

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