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Your education is one of the Student Union's most important tasks. We work with your section to make sure your education is up to date. If you experience a problem with your education, you are entitled to react.

Together with the sections we conduct surveillance and development of your education. We believe that your education will be better if you have the opportunity to influence it. Therefore, we are working to create the conditions for influencing and designing your education. The easiest way to express your opinion is to fill out the course evaluation on Studentportalen that is sent out after you finish a course. If no course evaluation is submitted, please contact your education supervisor in your section or StuFF. You should always turn to an Education Watcher if you have opinions about your education.

The Union’s work with educational affairs is largely about work regarding influence towards the university to improve your study situation. We make sure that every decision that affects you and your education is passed through at least one student. The Union also work with educational matters at national level through The Swedish National Union of Students.

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