Board of directors

The ten person strong Board of Directors constitutes only a small portion of all the students actively involved in the student union's activities. The members of the Board of Directors are elected for a one year period with a transition occurring in the end of June. They are working full time at the student union and are paid a commission.

Office and opening hours

StuFF is established in Linköping, with offices in Kårallen at campus Valla. The board of directors have office hours 10 am to 3 pm during the week. On the whiteboards by our office doors you can find out if anyone from the board is out-of-office due to a meetinng. 

On thursdays the board works in Norrköping at Kårhuset Trappan, 10 am to 3 pm. 

Kårallen, campus valla, Linköping

Trappan, Norrköping


Sofia Ritenius
Sofia RiteniusPresident of the
Anika Ernvik
Anika ErnvikVice President of the
Tone Wernersson
Tone WernerssonCommunications
Frida Myrén
Frida MyrénCoordinator of

Educational Affairs

Student Support

Kim Axelsson
Kim AxelssonHead of Educational Affairs, Educational
Emma Linder
Emma LinderHead of Educational Affairs, Faculty of Arts &
Natalia Tomczyk
Natalia TomczykHead of Student Support and
Josefin "Lilla" StoorHead of Student Support and

Student Influence

Petter Palmqvist
Petter PalmqvistCoordinator of Student
Policarpio Bernerstedt
Policarpio BernerstedtCoordinator of Student Representatives and National

Our friends

Linköpings kommun
Norrköping kommun

Contact us

Visiting address
Linköpings universitet
Campus Valla: Kårallen (third floor)
Campus Norrköping: Trappan (entrance level)

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