The sections are the Student Union's most important partners. The sections are nonprofit student associations, which in many cases are connected to a certain education programme. Which section you belong to depends on what you are studying. Almost all students belong to a section.


What separates sections from other student associations apart from being linked to a specific education is that the sections organize Nolle-P (the introduction weeks in August) and conduct education and work environment work together with the Student Union. The sections are part of the connection between you, student union and university. Without the sections, the Student Union had not existed and vice versa. Together, the sections and the Student Union aim for the best possible study time. Within the sections there are different committees, such as sponsorships or educational committees. Many sections also organize events such as seminars, parties, labor market fairs or international trips.

Each section works primarily with the individual program, while StuFF works towards the entire university with key issues that concern all students. If the sections were to address an issue that cannot be resolved at the program level, they turn to StuFF. StuFF then brings up the issue with the university management.

In order to ensure that your interests are taken care of, the sections are responsible for making proposals for student representatives to StuFF, which are appointed by StuFF. A student representative is a student who participates in the university's committees or groups, discussing everything from education to computer halls on our campus. Being a student representative means that you are the student's voice towards the university!


Here is a list of the sections connected to StuFF:


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