• Happy summer!

    Happy summer!

    Many thanks to all members for the academic year. See you again in August!
  • Study at the student union buildings!

    Study at the student union buildings!

    Do you feel that the places of study at Campus Valla and Campus Norrköping are insufficient? Both Kårhuset Kollektivet, [hg] and Trappan offer study places during daytime.
  • Welcome to StuFF!

    Welcome to StuFF!

    StuFF is the student union for students at Educational Sciences and Faculty of Arts & Sciences at Linköping University.Our primary funcions are to work with educational rights and student welfare issues. We work to ensure that everything related to you studies will be as good as possible.
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Welcome to LiU!

  • 02 August 2017 |
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Welcome to LiU!

The Student Union StuFF - the Student Union of Educational Sciences and the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, wants to welcome you to Linköping University! A fun semester or year awaits, and it will all start with introduction weeks! The Student Union works for you and makes your voice heard in order to give you the best possible experience as a LiU student - we work on everything from exams to parties!

Introduction Weeks

Your first weeks at LiU will consist of many activities in order to get you oriented at the univerity's campuses and surroundings. You will get to know new friends and classmates, and participate in many cultural activities. The majority of these activities are organized by the International Office and ESN Linköping, and you can find the schedules on their websites. If you are looking for accommodation, please read this document with tips & tricks.


The Student Union StuFF

StuFF, the Student Union for students at the faculty of educational sciences and the faculty of arts and sciences, works like a union. We work with improving the courses and programmes offered, we work on improving the working environement at the campuses of LiU and lastly, we work on supporting socialt events and student welfare. We represent you and your voice! 


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