• Happy summer!

    Happy summer!

    Many thanks to all members for the academic year. See you again in August!
  • Study at the student union buildings!

    Study at the student union buildings!

    Do you feel that the places of study at Campus Valla and Campus Norrköping are insufficient? Both Kårhuset Kollektivet, [hg] and Trappan offer study places during daytime.
  • Welcome to StuFF!

    Welcome to StuFF!

    StuFF is the student union for students at Educational Sciences and Faculty of Arts & Sciences at Linköping University.Our primary funcions are to work with educational rights and student welfare issues. We work to ensure that everything related to you studies will be as good as possible.
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International Workshop: Gender in a box!

  • 09 April 2016 |
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Gen!us International invites you to participate in their workshop next Wednesday 13/4. The theme of the workshop is "Gender in a box"

The workshop will be a very creative workshop, making it interesting and fun at the same time. There is no requirement for education on the subject, only a sincere interest. This is their second workshop and they will arrange two more this semester, April 27th and May 18th.

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