About StuFF

StuFF in the name of the Student Union for the Field of Educational Science and the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

StuFF has three main areas of business:

  • Quality control and development of the education offered at LiU

  • Maintaining a good work environment at the campuses

  • Striving for a thriving student life at LiU


The student union is a democratic organisation with over 1000 students involved in StuFF’s work: everything from being mentors during the introduction weeks, student representatives in the university's committees to StuFF's board of directors who work full time.

Even though StuFF represents all students, it is its members who decides what StuFF should work with, and how. The members elect each year 25 representatives to sit in the student union council, which is the highest executive agency within the student union. The council holds meetings approximately 8 times per year and is led by the presiding committee. Do you have an idea or opinion you want to present? Under the heading student union council you will find the names and contact information of the council’s members. In StuFF there are also advisory groups and project groups.

The council are also responsible for electing the student union’s board members and their liability. The student union board of directors consists of 8 students who take a break from their studies to work full time in order to improve your study situation at LiU. The board of directors has many advisory groups and work groups. The board also appoints the coordinator of the introduction weeks.

The most important partners to the student union is the student sections. With support of, and in cooperation with, the student union, the sections organize the initiation weeks, and make sure the quality of the education and the work environment. StuFF also works together with the other student unions LinTek (for students at the faculty of engineering) and Consensus (the faculty of medicine) in a wide variety of matters. 


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